Updated Tuesday, Nov 21, 2023

Food is an essential component of human culture. All cultures have food traditions. Unfortunate for me, I have intolerance/sensitivy to many different foods. As a silver lining, I have become a intermediate cook. I also don’t mind cooking and bringing my own food. I will bring extra servings upon request - just ask!

This page is designed to help my friends and family understand how to prepare food for me, or convince them to just let me bring my own food or fast. I don’t mind fasting, I can eat before and after, and fasting is quite good for the body anyways.

Thanks again for reading this page; I wish I could eat all food. I am sorry for any inconvenience that I may cause by having dietary restrictions.

If you know how to train one’s body to tolerate these foods (again), please contact me.

§What can’t I eat?

  • I am extremely sensitive to gluten, no wheat based pasta, bread, processed foods. Consuming gluten will cause symptoms lasting days to weeks, even months, so please take care.
  • I don’t eat oats because most oat product is cultivated with a protein which the body parses gluten.
  • Nightshades seem to cause a mild inflammatory response in my body, so no tomatos, potatoes, peppers (black pepper is OK), and others.
  • Seed Oils cause a mild inflammatory response in my body. No grapeseed oil, certain palm oils, canola, soybean oil.
  • My body can’t digest dairy so it is also off limits.
  • I don’t eat eggs. They seem to cause stomach upset and a runny nose. Egg whites might be okay, ask in advance.
  • I avoid processed foods, because it causes an inflammatory response in my body which in turns yields a foul mood lasting for days.

§Substitution ideas

Bad ingredient Substitute
High heat oil such as canola oil avocado oil has smoke point 500F
(or cook with animal fats)
Potato wedges Sweet potato wedges
Pizza crust Cassava/Tapioca based pizza crust
tomato pizza sauce Olive oil base
cheese flavoring Nutritional yeast
(or a potato-free cheese substitute)
bread rice bread
Wheat flour Cassava Flour, Corn Masa