Published: Thursday, Aug 3, 2023
Last modified: Thursday, Aug 3, 2023 (fffa396)

Inspired by and Derek Sivers’ post on the matter. This webpage describes some of the things that I am currently up to. A sort of public declaration of my TODO.

§Looking for a better work experience

My goal is to be independent of an employer, their inflexible work schedule, and minimize work that doesn’t enhance my own quality of life.

I recently launched a consultant brand to funnel work to a single website. No bites yet, so need to improve the website and come up with a marketing plan.

§Could use a job or contract

I’ve been bankrolling the modest costs around my business ventures out of my persona finances and if I wish to continue, I will need to pick another a job or contract. I do not want to seek investors yet as I do not want them messing with my process this early on.

If necessary I may consider taking on a full time employment (FTE) job that satisfies the following:

  1. Opportunity to learn more skillset (esp outside of tech)
  2. Flexibility on hours
  3. A senior role or some other opportunity to mentor or teach others.

Otherwise, my personality is such that a FTE job isn’t a sustainable way to “disrupt” my workday. My work style isn’t very compatible with these sort of jobs. Efficient, clever, and getting the job done. Very anti-corporate mindset, at least in my experience.

§Moving house, well somebody is

My roommate moved out recently, so I’ve been helping him move. Always help your friends and family move, shit’s stressful and as a bystander you can be very supportive.

More impactful: I have a spare bedroom with a bed, desk, dresser, and mirror to host guests. Free stuff is nice. If you want to come visit and know me well, get in touch. I’d be happy to have you.

TL;DR got some more space, need to rearrange the apartment and explode my studio-style bedroom into the entire living space.

§Learning Next.js

I’ve been using Hugo for building websites and recently tried out next.js. I think I like it, though it has a different use case.

§Web dev

Been doing a lot more web dev in general. This website has been improving steadily over the last couple weeks. had a few nasty bugs creep in, and were quashed. I have been building a few other websites in next.js. They are not public yet.

§Studying for the Kubernetes Certified Administrator

Been working on the KCA certificate. I hope to have my certification soon. This is something that I’m doing for myself. This isn’t for an employer.