Updated Monday, Nov 20, 2023

Inspired by and Derek Sivers’ post on the matter. This webpage describes some of the things that I am currently up to. A sort of public declaration of my TODO.

§Looking for a better work experience

I found that I detest 9-to-5 work schedules, corporate in-authenticity (well I can manage this one), and “ass-in-seat” work. Most “ass-in-seat” work is thinly veiled busywork which provides little to no value to yourself, and slightly more value to the org.

I’ve decided I don’t enjoy tech as an industry — I am an artist and want to do my best work. Tech isn’t about doing your best work — it’s about results or research. Both are frustrating for the artist. Still, I’m open to devops and webdev work.

I recently launched a consultant brand to funnel work to a single website. No bites yet, so need to improve the website and come up with a marketing plan.

§Growth mindset

Had a spiritual awakening. Realized I was spending my time in ways that weren’t going to yield an emotional or financial return on investment.

Here’s the changes that I’ve made since:

  1. Attending the gym. it turned out most of my physical health issues were caused by inactivity. Physical therapy was a scam to keep me weak and I’m doing much better being in charge of my own fitness. (Listen to your body, a PE therapist may still help you - I’m just a voice on the internet!)

  2. Stretching most days. Hopefully I learn Yoga to keep this interesting. I can squat without pain now. Isn’t that something?

  3. Meal prepping. I have many food issues. In short I can’t or won’t eat most food served to me. Meal prepping has reduced my time in the kitchen by at least 30 minutes to an hour daily. Make food from scratch — there is no shortcut.

  4. In-person networking. Gave it a go. I see potential. Need to differentiate myself and rebrand myself, then try again. Digital business cards are messed up — nowhere near as smooth as a physical card. I have real cards, ask for one next time you see me.

  5. Giving myself space to grow creative skills. I am my own worst critic, however, being told incessantly as a child that you have no creative skill embodies this vibe of helplessness; turns out all there is needed to fix it is simply reject these childhood memories and try again. Pleased to say my writing skills are rapidly improving as are sketching and design skills.

  6. Reduced chats. I joined MSN as a kid, graduated to XMPP and IRC. Finally settled on just Discord, Matrix, and Signal. Still two too many services — eeek. IRC was no longer serving as a community building exercise and is full of people complaining that nobody comes on IRC anymore, instead of changing with their environment.

§Working on rebranding

In an effort to increase deliberateness in my life, I’ve begun a rebrand. We all have a brand — how others see us. Turns out it can be important for gaining mindshare, hiring people, or to maintain a certain hire-able status.