Updated Monday, Nov 20, 2023



Devops Engineer Consultant, Freelance.; Milwaukee, WI — May 2022–Current. Manage infrastructure using Terraform, Ansible. Support deployments, alerting, security auditing. Develop features for Typescript, Ruby on Rails, Python projects.

Software Engineer, Kohl’s, Inc.; Milwaukee, WI — June 2021–April 2022. Collaborate across multiple teams ensuring software reliability while adding new features. Support financial users and develop features for Business Intelligence (BI), ETL, monitoring. Java, Spring, Python, Ansible.

Software Developer, Roydan Enterprises LLC.; Manitowoc, WI — Sept 2020–June 2021. Legacy software maintenance with OpenEdge ABL and C# .NET. Code review and team work.

Research Assistant, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Milwaukee, WI — 2017. Responsibilities include writing pkgsrc packages, assisting users of High Performance Computing cluster.

Computer Science Undergrad Grader, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Milwaukee, WI — 2017. Responsibilities include grading Python programming assignments and grading exams.

Backend Engineer, Warthog Financials.; Milwaukee, WI — 2016–2017. Modernize backend with newer node.js techniques, backend & mongodb administrator. Service backups. Sprint planning.

Sysadmin Consultant; Manitowoc, WI — 2014–2017. Integrate and develop Ruby on Rails, MERN stack, OSCommerce, Magento, Wordpress based applications. Manage servers powered by OpenVZ & Docker. Perform security audits.


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI — B.S. Computer Science, 2016–Graduated Spring 2020.


Software development in Python, C++, Java, PHP, Assembly, Scala, JS, C# .NET, Typescript

Experience with Software Project Management as lead developer and project manager

Configuration management of Linux and FreeBSD servers using Ansible

Git, Mercurial, and Subversion version control systems

Packaging software for NixOS, Gentoo, FreeBSD, Archlinux, Alpine Linux, and Mac Homebrew

Teaching & mentoring technical topics including beginner programming and computer science theory

Computer Security auditing with emphasis with server applications. Reported critical vulnerabilities.

Docker containers and OpenVZ, OpenShift & K8s

Server software management including GitLab, Rails, Wordpress, mongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, libvirtd, KVM

Cloud Management of Amazon AWS, Oracle Cloud, GCP


Board Member, McKinley Academy; Manitowoc, WI — Spring 2021–Spring 2022

President of IEEE-CS @ UWM, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Milwaukee, WI — Fall 2019–Spring 2020

Officer of IEEE-CS @ UWM, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Milwaukee, WI — Fall 2017–Spring 2019

Active in the open source community — contributions to VLC, FreeBSD, PEP8, Racket and countless others