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Independent Contractor

Tutoring Services, Freelance; Milwaukee, WI — November 2023–Current. Inspire, teach and mentor students learning to code in JavaScript, Python, Java, Jet-brains and technology literacy. Produce marketing copy and ad-rolls.

Resales, Freelance; Milwaukee, WI — February 2023–September 2023. Refurbish computers and other consumer electronics to sell on eBay.

Devops Engineer Consultant, Nordic Results.; Remote — May 2022–July 2023. Manage infrastructure using Terraform, Ansible in conjunction with shell scripts, Node.JS, Perl and Python scripts. Support deployments (via Fab-file), alerting (via Grafana), security auditing. Rewrote V1 Node.JS backend in NestJS (Typescript). Feature development for Ruby on Rails backends. Manage server infrastructure, production services for internal and external customers — GitLab, Redmine, libvirtd, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, nginx, docker-compose, Ubuntu servers. Manage dedicated servers with Hetzner and AWS cloud infrastructure using Terraform.

Software Engineer Consultant, Bluebot.; Remote — September 2022–December 2022. Rewrite proof-of-concept NestJS (Typescript with Node.JS, PostgreSQL, Prisma) API service for monitoring water flow rate sensors.

Software Engineer / Site Reliability Engineer, Kohl’s, Inc.; Milwaukee, WI — June 2021–April 2022. Collaborated across multiple teams ensuring software reliability while adding new features. Managed disaster recovery and monitored services on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, internal Kubernetes (OpenShift) and Google Cloud Platform using Splunk and Dynatrace. Supported internal financial users and develop features for Business Intelligence (BI) using Qlik, Tableu, Oracle EPM integrations. Authored automations for change management in Service Now. Modernized Java Spring Boot applications. Modernized MySQL Stored Procedure code used in ETL data transfer. Import InfluxDB into MySQL via Bash automation. Migrated OCI Red Hat hosts into Ansible powered configuration management with custom Python plugins. Automated GitLab project life cycle tasks. Automated testing of Oracle EPM updates via headless browser tests using NodeJS with Cypress.

Software Developer, Roydan Enterprises LLC.; Manitowoc, WI — Sept 2020–June 2021. Help maintain compliance with PCI and SOC2 for a debt collection SaaS with ConnectWise project management. Modernize OpenEdge ABL database backend with automated testing and schema migrations using shell scripts and OpenEdge ABL. Windows C#. NET WinForms application feature development. Modernized a code-gen tool which generated RPC calls from OpenEdge ABL source code for C#. Administrated Linux and Windows hosts. Authored code reviews on GitHub and perform software life cycle best practices.

Research Assistant, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Milwaukee, WI — 2017. Deployed software on CentOS & RHEL using Pkgsrc packages. Maintained and update packages for Pkgsrc and FreeBSD Ports using Git and Subversion. Automated workflows using shell scripts and Perl. Assisted users of High Performance Computing cluster.

Computer Science Undergrad Grader, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Milwaukee, WI — 2017. Graded Python programming assignments. Graded Introduction to Computer Science exams. Proctored exams.

Backend Engineer, Warthog Financials.; Milwaukee, WI — 2016–2017. Modernize backend with JavaScript/Node.JS best practices. Managed MongoDB and AWS EC2 Linux infrastructure and operations. Agile Sprint planning and execution with Bitbucket Git projects.


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI — B.S. Computer Science, 2016–Graduated Spring 2020.

§More Skills (In addition to items in work history.)

Additional software development in C, C++, PHP, x86 Assembly, MIPS Assembly, Scala, Racket, Scheme, Django

Experience with Software Project Management as lead developer and project manager

Packaging software for NixOS, Gentoo, Arch Linux, Alpine Linux, Debian and Mac Homebrew

Reverse engineering network protocols based on Protobuf, SSL/TLS, TCP/UDP via Wireshark, Nmap and tcpdump

Technical writing with Markdown, reStructuredText, Textile, MediaWiki, Man pages, Texinfo and LaTeX


Board Member, McKinley Academy; Manitowoc, WI — Spring 2021–Spring 2022

President of IEEE-CS @ UWM, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Milwaukee, WI — Fall 2019–Spring 2020

Officer of IEEE-CS @ UWM, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Milwaukee, WI — Fall 2017–Spring 2019

Active in the open source community — contributions to VLC, FreeBSD, PEP8, Racket and more